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2006 World cross Champs part one:

Oh Niels… The cute one on your right was the favorite for the U23 race. The fat, pimply kid in the middle? Got lucky. Two years in a row lucky I guess. hehheh. I’m off to the gym with Cary and Brian in a second. More crunchs than you can handle. Pete, Brian and I […]

And people are scared of mountain biking…

Ouch. Moving on. I kinda beat myself up mountain biking yesterday. Matt Hall, Matt Slaven, Steven Hunter and I went out to Sincline (in Washington) near Hood River. I had never been before, it was sweet. The ride started out with too much climbing on Sea Otter-esque single track on wide open sweeping plains. The […]

Don't like doing what people tell me to.

Rough day today. Self-motivation is really, really low. I actually feel bad about myself! Rode with Cary and Steven for a minute this morning. We hammered up Washington park and I cut out early. The rain, the rain. It is keeping me cold. Real cold. Ice queen. I’ve put myself in a bad mood today. […]

First cold of the year.

Been fighting a little cold most of this week. The motivation is high right now! I am super pumped to be training and working on bikes. The weather in Portland is pretty bad, loads of rain and flooding. I decided to stay off the bike and take care of my body instead of sticking to […]

It has been a long week.

This time of year is a bit of a slowing down period. Kinda reset the clock and start again. I’m building on last years success (racing and veloshop) and feel so much more stable on the bike and in the shop. The Veloshop is just getting busier. We are back to our usual workload. Loads […]

Night ride.

So awesome. Who is down for consistent Monday night, night rides? Tommy and I found the 2 foot deep mud hole in the trail. I wish we had a photo of that. Needless to say I was left entirely covered in mud. Thick sticky mud. Doh! At least it is not rocking the baby. heh-heh. […]

Ohhh, my head…

Well, had my first drink of the year, last year. I finished off Pete’s Vodka giblets. We danced all night and went to bed at 2am. I got up at 2 pm. Ugh. My head f’ing hurts. I slept for 12 hours. Hopped on my bike and did 2 hours in the rain. Came home, […]

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