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oh. my. god. hove.

Did you hear what happened today? Amazing. It was like a surreal painting playing over and over in my head all day. “Was that really Jon Page on the podium at worlds?” So, um… “Wait, was that really Katie Compton on the podium at worlds?” Yeah… “Wait, wait, wait. Was that Danny Summerhill on the […]

And you thought Transgender was not tough…

…holy shit! Ayla turned it up to eleven with this shit. Yeah, you can not wash that off. Now, I’ve got to step up my game.

World cup! Whirlwind lifestyle.

Holy shit! That World Cup carnage video is perfect. When is the last time you saw an elite pile up like that in a domestic cx race? Good Vegan article here! I’ve been forcing myself to take a month off the bike but, even if I tried to ride, I could not find the time! […]

Back to reality:

It has been a little over a week, I’m back in Portland. Got my laptop back from Apple a few days ago, trying to catch up on a bunch of emails and business. Ok. Who left me the issue of the “cat 3″ comic book? Amazing. Also amzing is this: Kelly. Shoes. I like shoes. […]

Back in Portland, no laptop!

My laptop has been giving me trouble all fall but I was busy travelling and never had a sec to stick it in the Mac shop. Now it is gone and I don’t really have decent computer access and all of my login info and passwords were all on the laptop too so, I’ve been […]

Sint Niklass - good bye Belgium. For now.

Stayed up late last night after the race in Sint Niklass. I figure if I deprive myself of sleep tonight I can doze on the plane and start resetting my biological clock. Yesterday’s race was really fun. The only big euro pros there were Sven Nys and Jonathan Page. There was a Palmans Collstrop guy […]

GP Sven Nys:

More of the same. Not feeling like I am riding full steam. Getting a royal ass kicking from the Belgians. Today was the GP Sven Nys in Baal. A mere 20 minute drive from my house in Tielt-Winge. Verge and I arrived a few hours early (as usual for me, 5 hours before my start […]

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