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De Rosa team issue:

Thanks Gewilli for the heads up about this: I got myself outsprinted by his old man down in LA a couple weekends ago, nice movie Chance. Got my De Rosa Rock Racing team replica bike in today, photos to come. I’m just such a big fan, I had to get one. I think instead of […]

Holy crap it is cold!

For serious. The thing I love about this photo: we all know it is the guy from the wikipedia cyclocross entry. I’m getting back in to the groove of living in Portland, Oregon. Did a night ride on the VTT with brian.cx and another frozen mountain bike ride with Madrone and brian today out in […]

Stolen fom another blog.

When the going gets tough… take a backseat. Better to view the absurdity from. Note that world champ stripes abound. Cipo and Doug opt out of the baseball caps, weight weenies. CX your fingers for his tour of California team selection.

Seriously, that guy is a douche…

Stolen from some blog, somewhere on the internets. Did I tell you I was just in LA? I’m back in Portland now after a frustrating flight home. Stay away from Delta and American airlines! I’m watching Top Gun. Go America!

Sitting in Chicago.

Waiting for my flight to LA. It is snowing. Nothing good to eat here and the pay-to-play wireless network says something like: “free wireless is too good to be true.” HA! The second I landed I was like, shit. I wish I was back in Europe. But, I am looking forward to getting back home […]

I imagine this is what happens at my house while I am gone.

“um…. yeh.”

"The time that coffee shops were the place where, in general, only grandmothers on the floor came in a steaming coffee memory about how it used all was better, it is past time."

Damn straight. It used all was better. I’m done racing in this land called Europe. It is past time. France is dirtier than Belgium and maybe even Amsterdam yet, not as dirty as LA. Tears were shed at the Lieven world cup today. Saying goodbye to friends until next winter. The results are screwy, I […]

I'll be out of touch for a few days.

Image brought to you by Niels Dewit. Thanks Niels!

the face of race.cx

While I am away traveling my house mates sleep in my bed and wear my clothes. My shirt makes you gay.

PRO gear for sale:

Want to buy some stuff and help me get back from Europe? I’m broke and I’ll need to buy my lady beer and chocolate when she comes to Europe to visit! email me for more pics and details. - Chris King tubular wheel set: Classic road hubset, 130 spacing 28 hole front and rear. Scandium […]

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