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Finance. Tax. Answer the phone!!

Yesterday was one of the days I loathe. The phone rings every 2 minutes ALL day long and everyone wants my money. Not like telemarketers or anything but y’know, debt, bills, distributors, sales reps, bills, payroll, bills and, ok, a few telemarketers. Yesterday was one of those days where I realise how close to futile […]

New computer, 6 hour mountain bike ride.

Tour of California started today. I’m calling it, Levi is gonna win it and then be burned out for Le Tour de France but will come back to podium in the Vuelta. Basso is gonna stick it to Jan in the tour. I’m thinking Basso will do the Giro-Tour double. Kinda been wading through a […]

Really, I wanted a new XC bike for the summer…

…but I guess a new laptop will do. I don’t know where the money will come from but I ordered up a new MAC for the Veloshop from Apple, complete with 3 year warranty. What is new in my life? Pete was in LA for a week working as the soigner for the USA cycling […]

Laptop failure round deux.

Ok. Laptop died. This time for good. If I had a photo of me giving my laptop the finger I would post it. Since I don’t… My computer at the shop does not let me acess the blogthing so when I scrounge up a grand for a new computer, I’ll be back… Ugh.

2006 World Cyclocross championship. Part deux:

I was’nt there. As a distant observer, it looked fast. World Championships fast. I have watched the TV footage from the race a few times and it is just crazy how fast they are going. Like Tour de France fast. I don’t think anyone got lapped in the race. If you look closely it looks […]

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