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What do you get when you put a bunch of sickly vegans in a room together?

Sick! Ugh… After 4 days of Portland style epic downpour/long rides in California, half the people at the team camp came down with something bad. Spreads like wildfire in a couple of cramped hotel suites. I feel miserable. Been in bed with a fever for 4 days straight. The flu. cough, cough.

Organic Athlete team camp!

I got nothing. No photos, no links. I’m down here in Windsor, California for the OA team camp. There is a solid 30 of us or so here. Logging the miles in rainy, windy, cold California. The food has been off the hook and it is excellent to meet all of my roadie team mates […]

So I did this UCI cx race in LA…

…like a month ago, January 20th or something! I busted out the smoke and mirrors to finish 4th place. The trip was fun and I am way overdue to write about it and write about the wrap up to my cx season… I’m about to pull a Sager and fly south for a couple of […]

Next week is going to be off the hook. Here is why:

The North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show starts next Friday. The party begins this Thursday evening with the Teams of Portland show. The directions from the Veloshop are here. Saturday the NAHBBS opens to the public and I know of 2 exciting after party events for those interested: Want to see more? Rapha is hosting roller […]

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