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Social Media Saturday.

60 and sunny here in Portland. And I am forcing my self to stay inside of Sweetpea Bakery, NOT eat any doughnut and commit to working on my computer till I get a LOT of business caught up on. Answering emails and taking care of PBS clients is the first priority. Then a creative and […]

Everyone is going to Adnan Kadir’s training camp!!

I’m such a tool for the late post and this is happening NEXT MONTH! March 24th - 27th. My pal (though NOT my coach, he still gets the MC stamp of approval) Adnan Kadir is hosting an excellent training camp next month. - Aeolus Endurance Sport Marin Camp 2010 is in in its 4th year. […]

Passing the torch.

When you get to watch your offspring railing through corners looking like a young Belgian neo-pro. A throng of heckling cyclocross fans lining the course, urging them on. Ignoring the beer hand up to keep his eyes on his line. You know you are doing something right with your life. This is brilliant. Sent to […]

FOR SALE: 2 Ridley X-Night cyclocross frame sets.

I am selling both of my Ridley X-Night frame sets as a pair. 52cm size. Max saddle height range: 75cm (center of bb to top of saddle) or lower (you can re-cut the seat mast). Custom paint: Matte carbon finish with sky blue and white accents. In excellent condition, limited paint dings, no cracks or […]

I’m speachless, mainly because I’ve lost my voice with this cold.

And I am feeling the 1960′s right now so watch these choice videos. I don’t have a lot of history with Tom Jones. But the man has a decent pair of pipes. “She’s a lady” is more my style but I could not find a decent video of it. Enjoy this and avoid the Lolitas […]

Baller is as baller does.

This photo was blowing my mind today. Quarq power meter. Shimano Di-2 component group with 48 tooth chainring(I ran the 48 tooth chainring at cx vegas!) Ridley X-Knight frame (world champ pedigree!) K-Edge chain watcher. My sponsors last cx season were legitimate. Top equipment. That’s all I got.

An excellent weekend. During the week.

I went up to Seattle for a couple days to help a pal last Wednesday. I met up with old pals and new, then spent Thursday evening playing video games with my little brothers and dad. I dialed in their bicycles and went for a little shred around the neighborhood with them. The trip was […]

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