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This is getting silly.

The new road racing bike just gets lighter and lighter. Notice how the carbon on the cranks matches the carbon on the frame? I hate how this new program does not automatically “wrap” text around images. Sorry, I’m working on it. Recovering from the break in at the shop is going well. It is a […]


Finally got another 5 hour ride in yesterday. Ira Ryan and I barely did a shortened version of the Vernonia loop. I gots the knee pain in a bad way… THIS is hott. Notch another one up for Health-Net. More airtime for local badass Ollerenshaw. I think they just keep Doug on the front non […]

Ouch! Site under construction part deux:

The ouch is for the fiscal beating the little Veloshop took with the break-in. I am very tired of talking about it at this point. Yep, I have insurance. I may or may not end up filing a claim. It may actually cost more in the long run to use my insurance to re-coup the […]

Got robbed. Again?

Yep, 2am. Again. Sweeping up glass and hanging out with the police. While the glass company is taking its sweet time getting my new window installed someone actually pulled down the board I had up over the broken window and came in and stole a bunch of stuff. I had a witness and everything! Again, […]

Website under construction:

We are moving the blog over to a new setup. You can still view the old version by adding “/blogger” to the end of my web address. Sorry for the hassle, more soon. I promise. Click HERE if you don’t feel like typing.

My name is Scott.

“What else can I say? I pull the rear derailleur off of my Vanilla road racing bike and a Scott shows up on my doorstep last Wednesday morning. What can I do? Of course, I took it in, nurtured it, built it up and am gonna start riding it this weekend.” Or not. This has […]

Give me a break.

An hour into the Vernonia loop today I ripped the rear derailleur off of my Vaniller road bike. Ugh. I busted out the chain tool, turned it into a single speed and kept on trucking. Ira Ryan and I climbed up into the snow and then just decided to turn around when the climbing got […]

3 wheels is not a bicycle.

Holy crap. We all know Vanilla bicycles are nice. Now there is a 4 foot tall trophy to prove it. What a year. A national championship, a best of show trophy. Mr. White has it all, money, power, influence. Me? I spent the evening hiking around the forest in the snow doing some covert trail […]

Did a century, drink lots of coffee.

Rode out to the Banana Belt race series #1 at Hagg Lake yesterday with Ira Ryan, Matt Hall and Cary Miller. They ended up eating at McDonalds. Can you even handle that? They are telling me cross season is won with Mcmuffins in March. I’m not buying it. Sacha White is down at the Handbuilt […]

Yet for some reason, you keep reading…

Not having an inspired week, I took off early yesterday with Ira Ryan and ran errands. Went by River City bicycles and harrassed the competition, then by Stumptown printers and picked up new Vanilla posters. Dan Gilsdorf (my tattoo artist and pal) did the artwork in the “retro art nouveau(sp?) style” and they are just […]

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