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I had a dream last night I was racing up some pave. A cobbled climb like the Koppenburg or something. I could not keep traction and had to hop off and run a length of the climb. I woke up totally freaked out. Plus, I just heard that Lance Armstrong cloned Sheryl Crow and named […]

How to Jamaica million.

When I was riding in Mexico I saw a lot of snakes. On the plain. Well, at least in the desert foot hills. They were big and I was riding fast so we never did any business together. Then I saw this. I stopped. It was twitching a little bit. I thought it was a […]

Three grand. Category three glory.

Oh, the prices we pay for the small victories. I cherished not getting lapped by Trebon, Tonkin and co. my first season as a CX crusade “A”. Now I cherish not getting lapped by Euros. Taking things in perspective gets weird as one progresses. Now a days I stare at a heart rate monitor. And […]


I am sitting on the beach checking my email and drinking a fruity smoothie.

This is all connected.

What is the deal this week? Get hit by a van. (not hurt) Some moron bike commuter decides to play chicken/shoulder checks me on the waterfront bike path. Get buzzed on Skyline by an SUV, I give him the finger and he tries to squeeze me off the road a few times. I call 911 […]

Transgender rights in Espana?

I care about stuff like this. The USA would never follow suit (maybe Canaduh would) but, international attention and genderqueer media clarity is great. Reads like it may only be legislation for: “those not healthy enough to go through surgery”. The question remains: what about those who cannot afford it? Molly Cameron: un fucking employable.

Sometimes you want to give it up.

I’ve had chronic knee pain for as long as I have been riding bikes. Not a lot to say about it, I hurt after a couple hours on the bike. Big gears, small gears, road, mountain, cross. Whatever. The knees ache and eventually I cannot pedal without feeling like I am screwing them up. Enough […]

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