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Weekend update.

Geez! There was so much interest in my old gear from the last post and most of it was sold the day after I wrote about it! Al I have left in USED tyres are: 2 x FMB 34mm custom Racing Ralph $175 the pair! (well used, still in great shape) 1 x FMB 34mm […]

It is an ad but, it is worth it:

“But doesn’t get petrol more expensive every week.” Hell yeah! It is an ad but worth the whole 7 minutes. The best part about this one is the Flemish announcers FREAKING out about Johan and then Axle Merckx in the sprint finish. They sound like they are going to pee their pants! “come on, come […]

You make the chocolate muffin? I eat the chocolate muffin.

yeah! This guy deserves an Alice award. I could not afford to attend the Alice Awards this weekend so, I got to do a bunch of paperwork and make muffins! These were the days:

I feel like a rider again.

It may have something to do with the sun peeking out from the clouds and it not raining. I did a mediocre tempo loop today with my pal Anderson. It was a crisp morning. The routine of getting up at seven, getting the gear together and putting miles in felt good. I used embrocation. Qoleum […]

cross? no. more running.

Pete acting crazy. Portland running is kinda like Portland cx. Another great post by Dave Moulton. We watched CB4 last night. holy shit, I forgot how funny that movie is. I remember back when I was bashing the movie Hustle and Flow, m effers need to recognize CB4 has been there, done that. Fear of […]

not much here. cough.

Still hacking. Trying to get back into a training routine. being sick left me feeling so drained and weak. It has been over a week and I’m still coughing and feeling tired as hell. Cry me a river. This is classic. Good job Sager. Thanks Joe Staples. Damn, that video brings back memories. So does […]

This is pretty much what is going on with me everyday.

Thanks Jeremy:

In between coughs.

Wow. Have not been that sick in a long time. Finally snapped out of it. Though now I have a lingering hacking cough. - Man, the kids love to hate RockRacing! I’ve heard more shit talking than I can handle about the Rock squad over the last few weeks. “Villains!” “Scoundrels!” “They are ruining cycling!” […]

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