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I thanks to enjoy your bicycle life.

Thanks Kyle Valenta for the heads up on this band. I don’t get out so much anymore and keeping up with new music is challenging. - Simon is a british bastard with a loud INTERNET PRESENCE. But damn it if I don’t LOVE keirin racing myself… And Japanese documentary videos about keirin racing. Take some […]

An amazing weekend. wrapped up!

(written last Sunday) I’m sitting with JD at a cafe working. We both have our laptops open and are commenting on our projects, emails and shit we see on the interwebs. We spent the day today (Sunday) doing some of this. A classic road ride with super strong pals. I got beat up. And then […]

The Condor was right. This is amazing:

Maybe I am just new to the scene but damn. This video interview with Die Antwoord B L E W my mind. It is kinda long so, make a few minutes and open your mind to the future. “It is kinda like progressing to the next level, like in a video game…” And thanks Ethan […]

We are raffling off a Ridley to help out a pal:

Click on the image for the details! Buy your raffle ticket here!

Molly previewing Embrocation cycling journal #5

So much love for cyclocross:

Been sitting on this video: 2009 Chicago Cyclocross Cup from Heather Jurewicz on Vimeo. Brilliant!!

The importance of being proper:

There is no Sauvie’s Island in Oregon. I’m just saying. There is not. There is also no “W” in Amy Dombroski’s name. There is not. There is so much to be said about respecting somethings. And paying f’ing attention. So, when we go for a ride sometime soon and you suggest doing the: “Sauvie’s Island […]

Frame builders… and some other assorted assholeness.

I need to start somewhere! …I start with a review, en français, of one of my current favorite sci-fi writer’s books. Take note, this is such a painfully euro kitchen. Dude probably does not even have a refrigerator… as he also probably does not have any heat in his flat as everything stays at a […]

2 fun videos. Go ahead, waste some time:

As dorky as this is, I like it:

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