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Total suck.

I entered the Bear Springs XC today feeling upbeat! I was excited to start racing again. I started off well, heading into the first single track section in 4th position. Got through a few potential bottleneck sections (the “run-up” and, the “fallen bushes”) where I wanted to be ahead of the mayhem and I tried […]

Hell yeah.

No “rockin’ the baby” here.


I’ve been fighting the cold Ira had for the last week or so and I finally succumbed Saturday night. We had an epic mountain bike ride planned for Sunday and even though I should have stayed in bed, I went anyways. Oh, do I feel like crap. I’ve never taken nyquil or dayquil before and […]

Hiz-ustle and fliz-owe.

Keeping tabs on the Cycling news live Tour de Georgia coverage: “13:01 EDT 90.9km/100.5km to go Ollerenshaw has also attacked the break and is currently between the three leaders and the rest of the break. The leading riders have 4’35″ on the field.” holla! Ate dinner last night with Tony Kic, the Miller kid, Brian […]

Hustle and flow.

Organic athlete. Thats me…

Stumptown pow-wow.

Ira and I bickered at work today. So to make up for it I took him out for a burrito. We met up with Cary Miller (aka: “the miller kid” Sorry, I’ll try to keep everyone up to date on the sweet nicknames) well, the Miller Kid was waiting around for us and I lagged, […]

Uvex FP-1 Veloshop team helmet:

After what was a long wait, the demo version the limited Veloshop team helmet arrived and I tried it on and took some photos for all to see. Don’t I look intense? Totally. Look like Jan. Or Shannon. The team version is going to be all white. There you go.

Don't forget your booties.

Serious. I totally forgot to put my booties AND my chamois creme on this morning. I should have known I was doomed. Damn! I met up with Doug, Timmy, Dan from hardCorvallis and Carl H. at Stumptown and we started a ride up Saltzman and out the West hills. Damn it, I have not been […]


Belgian ex-cyclocross pro Ben Berden exclaims “keep lying!”. Doh. The article does not mention why his suspension was lengthened. And, he’s got a contract waiting the second his suspension is up. With all the recent examples: Filip Mierhage, David Millar, Berden, it is making more and more sense to dope, get super fast, get some […]

Kings Valley road race:

Mark Blackwelder won the Kings Valley road race today. Our new teammate Kim Mullen placed 12th in the women’s race at King’s Valley. Robin Calver got 4th in the cat 4 race too! Wow, a team victory gets me all pumped! I think I may have a new cat 2 teammate racing with me soon. […]

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