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Doug f'ing Ollerenshaw!

Tour of Georgia: Doug Ollerenshaw gets in a long breakaway and takes 2nd place on stage one! From the Cyclingnews live report: 16:31 EDT Contrini has plenty of time to celebrate - he waves back to his team car, and then puts both hands up as he crosses the line to win the first stage! […]

Belgium Knee Warmers.

I don’t usually write about other websites I like. I am generally busy critiquing them. Good writing and style is few and far between, I am certainly guilty of poor writing and bad taste myself. I discovered Belgium Knee Warmers a bunch of months ago during cyclocross season. I’ve got a customer/friend that brought me […]

mental toughness.

We don’t need a recap but, Ballan deserved it. Found this site. have not looked at it too deeply but, I’d like to see it progress. Charts and graphs are fun. Pre rode parts of the Mt. Hood stage race. Did not even hit the real climbs. yikes. I’ll leave you with this email from […]

Dope. Doping.

I’ve been estranged from writing in the journal for a while. Post race season depression, pre race season depression. Not anything stunning to write about, everything seems mundane, routine. Though it is not. I’ve hired another mechanic at the Veloshop so we’ve got 3 plus me working away. Still, I’ve been far too busy to […]

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