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long delayed. here we go. NW's worst mountain biker:

I don't know where it came from but it is amazing.

I often feel like a grandma. Behind the times on a lot of the hip new trends. And this internet technology thing. This has probably already made the rounds. Give it a look again, if only, to humor your aging ol granny over here.

Sun and fog. California. Like I remember it everytime.

Quick photo:

Speaking of economic downturn… sell it all!

I am heading down to California Thursday morning and can deliver to you at the Sea Otter. Interested? - Chris King XC wheelset: Pink “Pretty and strong” 32 hole ISO xc disc hubs laced 3x to Stan Notubes sub-360 gram tubeless rims Black Revolution spokes In excellent condition. $500 EDGE tubular road wheels: EDGE 68mm […]

Heading to Sea Otter next week: welcome to the future.

Slated to ride a fancy BMC carbon full suspension mountain bike around. Work a bit as a PRO mechanic for my arch-rival’s PRO mountain bike team. Hang out in the SHIMANO booth. Hang out in the EDGE booth. Hang out near Maxxis and harrass Gary. Hang out near Kona and harass Barry. Turn a wrench […]

Open letter from a fellow business owner.

I came across this letter (below) on the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association’s email list. Written by the owner of a very successful local shop. I think it speaks clearly the idea and belief I share about putting back into your community. Specifically the racing community. Though the lines between “evil” internet mail order shops and […]

rest week!

Thanks Dean for the video: So good. Track Worlds. I was hoping to see footage of this tangle. One guy’s front tyre pops off the rim. Other guy skids all 200+ pounds of himself back upright. Sick. Did a couple of little cols this Saturday. The “ronde” van Portland. I started the ride and wanted […]

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