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When I was a kid.

I had this dream last night. I showed up for a local Cross Crusade race. It was really sunny out and I was trying to learn the course and I could not see the marker tape or the cones or anything. I was stressing out about learning the course and then some bike industry guys […]

I don't own clincher wheels.

I’m serious! It is kinda ridiculous. I am going through a little wheel crisis right now. Hubs and guts all over the place. I’ve been borrowing friends and customers wheels to train and race on for over a year. I’ve got my cx wheels all built and hanging from last season but, that is it! […]

Self indulgence:

An interview on a local race website! Thanks Kenji!

Race the track!

I was working late at the Veloshop and I get an email about: “The velodrome computer is not working. Candi asked me to send out an official cancellation of tonight’s track racing. Next Thursday will be 500M/kilo night. Pursuits the week after.” So, that means no “real” track racing for another 3 weeks! (no offense […]

I am not having kids!

Ouch. Sounds more like idiocy than veganism…

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