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tubular tyres. what the hell is going on?

I got an email from Francois a week ago: “Bonjour, FMB vous présente ses nouveautés 2009. Cordialement, Francois”. Looks like FMB is releasing some new treads! yay! Wait a second. These are tread patterns that already exist on other tyres. I can’t keep it straight. But I know someone who can; I met up with […]

Oregon Cycling Action.

I like this blog. Covers Oregon racing with some decent photos too! “Just the facts.” Nice to have little updates from the races I’m not at. And neutral race coverage. Pat got a little interview recently, I f’ing LOVE the legit Alpenrose photo.

for quick sale: FMB road tubulars

Before I end up using these on a project bike… I have a pair of 22mm FMB cotton Criterium tyres for sale. First $200 USD gets them shipped in the continental US! Removeable valve cores, latex inner tubes, cotton sidewall, very thin rubber tread as shown on his site. 248 grams each! Shoot me an […]

Why yes, I did receive your package!

I cut the SHIT out of my legs shaving in a hurry yester-morning. I was running late; I had a date with Matt and Saska to watch DiLuca embarrass every other bike racer in Italy. And I badly needed to con Matt in to making me an espresso on his sweet little Breville. I’ve had […]

What the hell has Brian Vernor been up to?

Oh, this. Besides having an interest in cyclocross, Vernor spends almost as much time traveling as I do! We have been out of touch and on the go this year. I ran in to him for all of 5 minutes at Sea Otter before having to run off and put more bikes together! Long way […]

some things you wish you could do over again.

there was a road race yesterday that I started in Silverton, Oregon. Some local PRO talent was in town and put the screws to the rest of us hacks. The racing was hot and besides giving the race to the first breakaway that went, I felt pretty crummy the whole time. I started trying to […]

rough conversations that should probably not be public, fuck it, here we go:

This is kinda my daily routine, wake up, sprint around the car a few times. Worth watching the whole video for the last 5 seconds. Entrainement sprint GerolsteinerUploaded by Petit_Brun - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos. bike racers. sponsorship. teams. I threw my hands in the air: “man, I am maxed out. […]

Nothing more annoying than people who are inconsiderate of other people.

I wrote this post a year ago and got a lot of shit about it. And today, I read about a near-fatal accident on the very bridge I was complaining about at the bottom of my post. That 2 minutes of my commute is the worst. (on nice days and in the summer particularly) I’ve […]

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