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so much culture. this is real life. i thank you.

Hit play on this music video while you read this update! - Fell in love with this design this morning. Thank you Arch Daily blog. - DAMN YOU CASTELLI! These rain jackets are off the hook! Look at their post here. The folks at Castelli USA HQ have been talking about putting on their own […]

More writing on food for athletes:

An article by vegan ultra marathon runner Scott Jurek. super PRO.

Interesting dialogue on veg vs. meat and muscle.

Molly mentioned alongside other notable vegan PROs.

“I just want to fucking shred.”

I just read some emails from two frame builders I truly respect. (I mean that.) “Bikes aren’t art to me. They are vehicles for beating the crap out of myself and others.” and “I just want to get on my mountain bike and fucking shred. I don’t want to think about branding, culture, cross marketing […]

Molly fit Brett Luelling for his custom Desalvo cyclocross bike:

Brett had an appointment for his new Buy Local - Desalvo cyclocross bike!

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