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Shimano. Tabor.

Got dragged around the Mt. Tabor race Wednesday night behind Jesse Sampson, Doug Ollerenshaw and Russell Stevenson. Russell was making the break work hard. When he had enough towing us around he bridged up to Jesse and Doug. I was left wheezing and sprinted for 4th place in our group. Was kinda boxed for the […]


That is slang for awesome! So, what… are we looking at an all USA podium? Landis, Levi and Hincapie? Zabriskie? Now Vino is back to square one, riding without a team to back him up. Which is what he was doing the last few years anyways and it was working pretty well for him. Stastically, […]

Thursday track racing.

Wow! Tony Kic, Markwelder, James Adamson and I tore it up at the velodrome on Thursday. For the last 3 years I’ve been on my own at the track racing against big teams and stronger riders. It is a rough way to race, chasing everything down on your own, marking all the attacks by yourself. […]

Mid week update:

Things are going well at the Veloshop. The new mechanic has started, that is a little load off my chest. The bike shop could still use some more help. Maybe another part time mechanic during the week would be perfect. Been racing the last couple days. Not quite in it to win it yet. Finished […]

The internet is paying reperations.

Thats right, after 50 years of wage slavery. Selling bikes on the internet makes you rich. This older gentleman came in the bike shop today. Had to be at least 70-80 years old. Asking if I had any bar end plugs. His had fallen out. Starts mumbling about closing up his bikeshop a few years […]

The Miller kid.

Friday night was Pete’s pre-birthday party and I stayed up pretty late. Dancing at the Shallowscene and riding my skateboard as she drug a birthday pinata pony around on her bicycle. I woke up Saturday with a horrible headache. Ouch. Backing up a little bit, Mark Blackwelder and I raced the Alpenrose track last Thursday. […]

Geld. Belgie.

I spent a few hours at Stumptown last night hiding out and writing a “sponsor me” letter and proposal. Sacha needs something from me to send out as part of the Vanilla team. I am also going to start scrounging around for donations to help me race through the winter. One of the things Sacha […]

How to lose a bike race.

Race against faster people or, think about the sprint instead of sprinting. I was in a 5 person break last night at the Mt. Tabor series and with 2 to go it was clear we were not getting caught. I was pushing it pretty hard to stay away and when we came into the final […]

Too damn busy…

I like Mark McCormack. He is classy, he races cross and, can win a road sprint. I rode my new mountain bike for 12 hours yesterday. Started out riding through Hillsboro and Forest Grove towards Gale’s creek then turned left onto some power lines and rode what we could of the brutal access road. It […]

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