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Stuck in the Phoenix airport.

Our plane is broken and they don’t have any extras. At least there is free wifi. Wrapped up the Tour Of Ohio in 5th place overall. All tales from back home sound normal: rained out track races, brutally hot stage races. I miss my ladyfriend and my house.

Footage from the circuit race stage 4 + video reports.

After breaking spokes in my front wheel I got back in and finished just outside the top ten. It was a really hard day on the bike. This is my teammate Ben’s video update after stage 5. And my take on the situation.

Tour of Ohio stage 5:

Started Stage 5 tired but, motivated to do something special. I was 10 seconds down on a couple riders and really wanted to move up on GC from 9th place. The bulk of the field is tied for 7th and I want out of that scrum. The race: an 11 mile loop around Antioch college! […]

Tour of Ohio stage 4:

40 mile circuit race. (think mt. tabor with shorter laps.) I am pretty beat tonight. 33 laps up a big ring hill on tired legs. I got chopped and lost some spokes in my front wheel, got a spare and got back in, finished in 11th or 12th in the field sprint. Again, missing crashes […]

Tour of Ohio stage 3:

It is my fault for not knowing the course but… My teammate Akira went in a mid race break in the long road race yesterday and I had the pleasure of blocking and chasing down little groups for the last 30 miles. His break looked set to stay away but we caught them on the […]

Tour of Ohio stage 2:

55 mile circuit race today. 130 starters. We got the internets working at the host house tonight so I get to write. We started the race in the middle of a midwest thunderstorm with the warning: “if you see lights and hear horns flashing at the start/finish line that means the race is over!” It […]

Update from Pete in Spain parte cinco:

Happy birthday Peterson: “I got to spend my 30th birthday at a bike race and in the truck for a 15 hour ( 3 stops) drive to Lucca, Italy. Woo-hoo! The mechanic and I drove through the night to arrive here at 4:30 this morning. It looks like I’ll be sleeping on a pull out […]

Tour of Ohio stage 1:

My redeye flight was brutal! No sleep, packed flights, delayed flights the usual. I got in to Cincinatti at 7am and sat for 2 hours before a 25 minute flight to Columbus. It would have been quicker if the OA van just came to pick me up in Cincinatti! I’ve got some photos but, the […]

Packing for Tour of Ohio:

Thanks to my Tifosi sales rep I scored some new luggage. It is huge! I am going to be embarassed showing up in Ohio like Paris Hilton with tons and tons of luggage. Watched some sweet cycling footage over coffee with Brian and Steven. It is cool and cloudy this morning in Portland, nothing like […]

Update from Pete in Spain parte quattro:

I hope Pete does not get pissed that I am posting most of these updates. It sounds brutal. Pete if anything, is tough. And if she is getting tired and burned out, you know it is f’ing hard: “If I was tired before…I am now officially dead. I have started to hallucinate and see moving […]

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