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Dura Ace 46 tooth cx chainrings! More Challenge tyres!

Yikes! Donn/Challenge got back to me about their “file tread” tyre availability: “The Grifo XS (file tread) will be arriving mid to late July. This tread design will be available in the following configurations: * Grifo 32 XS Tubular Black/Brown (black tread/brown sidewall) * Grifo 34 XS Tubular Black/Brown * Grifo 32 XS Tubular White/Black […]

Cyclocross tyres + Elkhorn photos:

The dolphin, the goat and the moose. And the gerbil… All of that. For what? Glicker. Cara. Kenji. You become your power animal. — On cyclocross tyres: After some wrangling I am still technically a Dugast dealer. Thanks to those who deserve thanks and… I’ve got a boatload of Dugast Rhino’s in stock! More coming […]

Elkhorn classic stage race! Drive home.

Yes. We packed the S H I T out of the rental. 4 bikes + 3 huge over packed luggage bags + 12 wheels + tons of CLIF product + double bike box + tired bike racers.

Elkhorn classic stage race! Day 1 wrap up.

H O T T. I’m back at the host house with my legs up. The stage was 75 miles, with 1 x 15 minute climb and a bunch of rollers on the way in to the finish. I was hoping to have more info about other riders but I got myself dropped from the peloton […]

Elkhorn classic stage race! Day 1:

I got roped into racing a stage race in support of this guy. Racing on the Organic Athlete squad. There is a bunch of us here crashing in a couple of host houses. Using the wifi and eating veggies. This is our morning. Coffee (stumptown, yes), oatmeal, bananas, coffee, jus d’orange. Internet. About the internet: […]

Let me lead you out.

I raced a local crit last Saturday evening. Finally felt decent enough on the bike to participate a little more than just sitting it! Not that I did a whole lot more than follow wheels. I misjudged the length of the sprint and finished 9th in the field sprint behind the winning break away. I […]

A case of bike fit:

Found these images of Solomon and I on the front of the 2007 Oregon state cx race. He went on to win the race and I froze my ass off and mentally dropped out of the race. Pictures do not convey temperature well. I’ve included a couple of Sven Nys to highlight what should be […]

Top secret work:

Do you know whose bike this is? Eh? Molly turning a wrench? How odd. I ate a half dozen vegan doughnuts before putting my hands on this machine. Do you know whose bikes these are? Piles of steel tubing. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Lots of watts.

Last summer Autumn worked as a soigner, filling bottles and making sandwiches for the USAC Women’s national team down in Italy and Spain. She hung out at SRM and laughed at Cipollini. She became pals with some of the racer girls, Kat Carroll, Tina Pic and co. So at the Mt. Hood Classic we got […]

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