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Is XC racing dying? Did Landis dope? Is summer over already?

I’ve been avoiding writing anything about the above. There is so much drama going on and it seems everyone has an opinion about Flandis and veganism and gender and kozy shack and track bikes and drama, drama, drama. I’m over it. Though I did tear out the page from People magazine about Lance Armstrong, Jake […]

Bike Portland. Bicycling magazine.

Just saw this article mentioned in Bikeportland. No wonder I got so many “vegan bicycling” inquiries over the weekend!

The blood of life.

I witnessed the strangest thing yesterday. These two punk kids were in the Blossoming Lotus getting lunch and glare appropriately as I walk in. One of them has put Murder City Devils all over his messenger bag and I note that his friend is wearing a Murder City Devils t-shirt as well. I order up […]

Short track series #2

I feel really, really bad! I loathe lapping riders. I do not feel good about sticking it to lapped riders in the corners. So here is a big public apology to everyone I passed today. I tried to be polite and get around but, I’m pretty sure I was a little aggressive. I got 2nd […]


Come on Salvatore, roll the sleeves down. Did he get fined for that? I can handle all the mullets in the peloton but, show your sponsors and the race some respect. There is a reason it says Lampre on your jersey. Save the sleeveless jerseys for mountain bike rides with your pals.


A la Jens Voigt, sometimes it pays off. “sweet.” It took me a second to find the full results so, here you go. Our friend Erik in 15th place.


Someone stole a saddle from the Veloshop today. A fancy $200.00 Selle San Marco carbon-kevlar model with ti/carbon rails and very thin kevlar padding. Our money is on the guy who got pissed because we would not fix his flat for free. Now we get to harass anyone we see at the next bike race […]

Photo links:

Take a look at these photos of the AVC by a customer-friend of mine: Phil Varner. Suffer-fest.

Alpenrose Velodrome challenge!

Ouch! Spent last night recovering at Markwelder’s house watching a successfull frenchy breakaway in Le Tour de France, nursing tight hips and a very large burrito. He and I raced the 100 lap points race at the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge on Sunday. It went pretty well though, we both felt like we had nothing during […]

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