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The killing curse.

I finished the last Harry Potter novel. Wow. I also finished building my new bed frame from Ikea. Super wow. I’ve been buried. Training harder and smarter than I ever have before. Working longer and harder hours than ever before. A little head cold? Allergies? Picking Pete up from the airport tonight!

All I've learned from the Tour de France…

…is to start worrying if you have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours. (3 hours is ok though.) Oh yeah! Blood transfers will add a minute to your time in a TT!

The whirlwind life.

Pete is off to RAGBRAI for a couple weeks. I am getting down to some serious training. ouch. Matt Hall calls me first thing this morning with the news: “David Millar was the first rider to react to the news: “Jesus Christ - there you go, that’s my quote,” he blurted out. “What timing, huh? […]

FMB tyres:

There has been tons of interest in Francois’ tyres so the short answer is yes! I am bringing in some FMB tyres to stock in the Veloshop. I have a couple pairs in stock and more on the way. They are truly a handmade tyre and the fabrication + shipping process may take up to […]


Get pumped for cyclocross. Now.

Joachim Parbo called me up to talk about cx and offer his congrats about my Tour of Ohio result! He is coming over to the USA and had tons of news from Europe. After Bjarne confessed, Parbo lost a bunch of sponsors. Looks like the Super Prestige series lost a big money sponsor too and […]

Blow shit up.

Ouch. Work is crazy right now! I got back from Ohio, got run down with work, got food poisoning at the movies, barfed for a couple days, raced the Oregon state road race and was pretty wasted from it, got a cold from it and work being so busy, one of my mechanics hurt himself […]

Turn down the suck knob.

Yikes! I wrote this last week after I got back from Ohio but then life got pretty hectic… — Back in town, FINALLY! I cannot stress how fucked my flight back was. The abridged version: a 1 hour layover in Phoenix turns into a 3 hour wait to repair our plane + 3 hours at […]

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