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Writing from Stumptown coffee in Seattle, Washington. Just flew back from an epic vacation to the mid-west with Pete. Epic. I flew to Minneapolis last Monday morning and after a shitty flight and brutal Greyhound experience, spent a few days relaxing in Alexandria: Birthplace of Autumn Peterson and Olof Ohman; finder of the runestone. Quite […]

FOR SALE: Zipp Pave tubular carbon rim

Put it up on the internet for sale. Help a poor bike racer out. Thank you.

Big week behind me, bigger week ahead.

Whew! The legs are heavy. My mind is clear. - Did you know Oakley makes glasses for people with slanty eyes? Or so they tell us. I got an email about it. “this is 2008 right?” Yeah, and George Bush still does not care about black people. - Saving the weekend, is Bend’s own Horner. […]

Sweet primered white camaro…

…took an oncoming deliberate swerve into our lane while out on Sauvie Island training yesterday afternoon. damn! Can’t get a break lately. — Things are good, things are really good. Training my butt off before shifting into high gear for a long cross season. The power is good, the sensations are positive. Things have improved […]

Let me expand on that:

It is not that a PRO racer needs be a responsible public figure for themselves or their team’s own good. It ties into the responsibility of every human being to act decently and with awareness of others. It never made sense that people cruise through life not realizing (or more to the point, not giving […]

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