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Minoura scale: one - Molly: zero.

Long story short: I was putting some wheels down on the floor and put this hook into my eye socket. Yep. It went in and up and I had to get on my tippy toes and pull it out of my skull. It hurt like hell. Still does. Freak accident right? I remember getting lunch […]

I spent last weekend in Bend.

Pete and I drove to Crater Lake last Saturday morning. It was a pretty brutal 6 hourish drive. Stopped in Bend to get brunch and supplies and spent the day hiking along the north side of the caldera. Can you even handle this? Amazing. There was even snow on the side of the road, in […]


I am not always riding over people. Here is your bike back.


Well, someone snagged a fancy pair of pedals from right off the counter! The catch: they forgot to take the display pedal so, they only stole the left side. Cretin. I’ll let you return the other pedal and keep the box.  It can be a trophy. So annoying, I was having a great day till […]

Short track podium.

I really just wanted to give Shannon a big hug. Take a look at all the other sweet photos at Cyclingrocks.com!

HealthNet crit!

Ouch! Dead last! In my usual position, sucking Shannon’s wheel. I get to make fun of Mark for crashing backwards into a curb and destroying his wheel.

Thats great, you won…

…but who do you ride for? Zip it up next time. Amateur.

You know he wanted that bad.

Real bad. Probably my favorite victory salute ever. Or at least this year.

The weekly update.

Being tired is tiring. Short track series again last night. Had a damn busy and damn tiring day. Almost thought about skipping it and going out for Thai food. You almost always feel better after you race so, I decided to tough it out and at least start the race. There is a point where […]

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