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Back to racing.

Did some racing after work last night at the HealthNet criterium. The course was located in downtown Portland a mere two blocks from my shop! HealthNet sent 4 riders (including local Doug Ollerenshaw) and we had a decent field of local PRO talent including: Chad Hartley, Even Elken, Ryan Trebon and some fast Seattle riders, […]

Spent last Friday evening watching Spaceballs.

With an ice bag on my wrist. Took a decent spill while out training on the dirt last week. Nothing serious, lots of gravel in the body still. Nice gash on the wrist too. Spent the weekend training and hanging out with Pete. Everyone is going ga-ga for the cyclocross. And now it is raining […]

Muggles. Squibs.

I have mixed feelings about putting a paypal button on my website. The Discovery channel team news certainly makes me feel a little less dumb asking for help from my broad cycling community. I figure if those hosers can’t even con anyone into giving them a bunch of money to ride bikes around. Then begging […]

make pesto in the summer.

I’ve been trying to get my resting HR data to send up to my coach. As I lay down I read: 48, 42, then zero. Weird. So, I make some calls and it turns out that a lot of HR monitors do not register anything below 40! The guy at the company even said: “I […]

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