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Raleigh catalog pic!

Just got the new Raleigh 2007 catalog in the mail and spotted this on the cyclocross page: Photo courtesy Jonathan Maus or bikeportland.org! Oh yeah, right now: Justin Timberlake Paris Hilton And yes, the new Janet Jackson is solid.

That is a little bit better.

I told Sacha I had to improve on yesterdays race. So I did. 7th place, with a sprint to take it! I felt a little better in the beginning of the race but still ended up yo-yoing off the back of the 10 person lead group. I eased off a little bit and started riding […]

Not the race I was planning on.

But I’ll take the UCI points. Thanks! While warming up I did not feel too great. Kinda sluggish. And it shows in the result. I had a back of the pack start again and jumped right up into 3rd place by the end of the starting straight. 6 or 7 of us were sticking it […]

I just flew in to Detroit and boy are my arms…

Damn! Flying is rough but, the last 20 minutes of that one had me sweating and feeling like I was going to barf! Hmmm… My aunt picked me up at the airport and we hauled the bikes and gear out to her house in Pickney. She showed me where her old business was and we […]

Now, I'm the jerk at Crema…

…who rode her carbon wheels to get an Americano. My ladyfriend is back in town from a long week working at Cycle Oregon. And, I’m dropping her off at the airport tomorrow for another 10 day trip back home to visit her parents. While not having her around and sleeping alone for a week sucks, […]

Oh no!

Whats Gob Bluth gonna ride now?

I'm the jerk at Stumptown…

…who rode my carbon tubulars to get a soy mocha. Thats right. At least I’m not in spandex. I’ve been on a roll the last 2 months. A quick re cap would look something like: Celebrated my 30th birthday on August 28th. My dad called and heckled me, my mom sent me a couple boxes […]

I had to forward these:

my eye story Posted by: “Jed Floding” Date: Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:52 pm (PDT) Dig this, I was working back in Mpls, MN at an exotic pet hospital. We just moved into a new building and we had an open house. One co-worker brought her 4yo Burmese Python and was in the breakroom. A […]

The internet troubles…

By the way, my main email and the Veloshop.org website is down right now. It is damn annoying. Dealing with an apparently slow to react domain name provider. What the shit?! This is the digital age, I should not have to wait a few days to get an email response right? You can reach me, […]

Hell yeah!

Veloshop cyclocross t-shirts. $15 each.

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