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Local cyclocross! Barlow high school!

Cross Vegas was a wash. Drove this beast back and forth from the outdoor demo and airport on Monday and Tuesday. Spent way too many hours walking around the show meeting people and saying hi on Wednesday. Not much in the way of good vegan grub in Vegas either. I had no legs at CXVegas […]

How to avoid the bummer life.

This is how. When the going gets tough… …the tough go for beer and cash money.

FMB f'ing eff!!

wow. I’ve hit my first snag importihttps://mollycameron.com/files/2007/ng FMB tyres. The last shipment gets snagged by some customs company (over a month ago). And I go back and forth with this kinda shady and anonymous customs clearance company for a couple of weeks. I’m doing anything and everything I can to get them sent out quickly […]

What happens in Vegas…

…stays in Vegas. Thats all I”m saying. I made $40 and finished the race. More later.

Steliacoom - Rad Racing GP.

I just arrived at the Outdoor demo in Boulder City, Nevada. My dad dropped me off at the Seattle airport around 5am Monday morning. I think I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Not feeling so hot out here right now. The race at Steliacoom yesterday was brutal. I was tired and not […]

Starcrossed brief:

My teammate Shannon and I finished 13th and 14th last night at Starcrossed in Seattle. A series of tangles and crashes booted us out of the group chasing Trebon, Wicks and Heule. Then we chased to no avail for the last 15 minutes of the race. Pretty sure Kevin Hulick was in the top twenty, […]

Off the hook.

This guy=pure genius. Watched his latest film “We just work here.” a few weeks ago at the Bicycle film festival. I started this post weeks ago Brian has been in and out of town getting everything ready for his showing. I’ve been getting everything ready for the start of cyclocross season. Raced a “dirt crit” […]

Cascade bicycle studio!

Spending time in Seattle after racing the Labor day cyclocross championships. Shannon surprised everyone by showing up and demonstrating amazing finesse over the barriers. We did some attacking and blocking. Shannon and I took it 1-2 style. I felt miserable! Very good to get the first race out of the way in a low key […]

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