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I drove back to Milwaukee after the JP race today. My flight home is at 6am! ugh. The races, they are not so good to me. Had a decent start! And then my back cramped up on me again and I dropped anchor. So weird, I don’t what is happening. Same thing as last Sunday, […]

coffee. round three.

Waiting to race. So, I’ll be posting up some photos from yesterday. We made some cornbread that called for flaxseed oil and all Jen could find were the pill supplements so, she cut open the little capsules and we squeezed out enough to use! I went on a spin and saw this old-timey water tower. […]


Ouch! Got my behind handed to me today in Wisconsin. I salvaged a 9th place finish behind the Lalonde bros. the Wells bros. and co. Jon Page won, I barely stayed ahead of the 2 U23 Euro riders and I think the Swiss Mueller got 2nd. Apparently Jon Baker dropped out with an injury but […]


Really, the last 30 seconds are the best 30 seconds: I am in Wisconsin. Sun Prairie to be exact. Staying at Dan (of Planet Bike fame) and Jen Powell’s house! It is very nice. Dan is still at Interbike, Jen is at work. I am putting my bikes together and working on work and more […]

If you are not amused…

…well, give it 48 seconds: I stayed at my dad’s house in Puyallup last weekend and I got to sleep with a cat on my belly all night. My favorite part is how many babies get taken out by cats. How about the next fun part: Who wants to guess how much it will cost […]

Starcrossed and Rad Racing GP-first UCI action of the season.

Tonkin and I on our way to NOT getting in the top ten. I did a decent ride at Starcrossed. I faded pretty hard with 4 to go. Shannon and someone else got me with 2 to go and that was it for the top ten. 11th place. Again. With my guts in knots and […]

I like electro, I like ghetto, I like retro, house and techno…

This one has been making the rounds on the internet. I don’t believe in separating politics and sport. — I need new music on my ipod. —

yeah, she is fast, but it's not like she wins races…

ouch. After watching Cary Miller pour a little bit of his RedBull out for his homies, I realized I had nerves before starting this local cx race. It was hot and dusty and the course was bumpy as hell. My teammates Shannon and Kevin were 1st and 2nd in the overall ranking for this little […]

The shoes.

Damn. (here is my tongue in cheek and slightly late tutorial.) Got a few comments and a handful of emails about the Shimano shoes. I like Damian’s comment about Adam having a thing or two to say to Shimano about the slickness! So, here comes a photo or two and a brief tutorial. Race.cx covered […]

go vegan.

This popped up on a friend’s website so I’ll repost the link here. The fundamental reason (not the only) I went vegan ten years ago: my effect on the planet. A very basic article because I don’t have the time to write at length about it. — The Shimano M300 shoe is by far the […]

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