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Halloween Cross Crusade.

Ohhh… My legs are so heavy! This was my race yesterday. My teammate Hulick attacked and got the hole shot and gave me a good launching pad. I buried myself the first bunch of laps. I was leading the race and felt really good. In my head I figured “only Decker and Shannon could catch […]


I’ve got a good little block of training done this week and I am really, really happy for a day off the bike. Tuesday found me passing Tonkin on his way to work; me on my way out. A bunch of wheels strapped to his back. I was doing the same thing a few hours […]

Wissahickon - Vegan Cheesesteak.

A belated report on the scene in Philly. Saturday night Pete and I found out the hard way that the Christiana mall does not have a movie theatre anymore. We floored it from the race to the mall and dealt with all the insanity there only to realize, there is no theatre anymore. Wow, the […]

I'm better than this.

Sitting on the flight back to Portland from Philadelphia. This is the worst one yet. While waiting to board I avoided getting in line behind one of the “Others” from LOST. Complete with apparently crazy glue on beard, cut off blue jean short-shorts (a la Tobias Funke) and wild vacant look in his eyes. Yes, […]


I’ve been feeling the love, thanks. Pete and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Delaware via Philly. My mom’s funeral is on Friday and I am still planning on racing Saturday and Sunday unless I am totally wrecked. Not really sure how everything is going to work out after the funeral but, I don’t expect […]

My sister just called to let me know my mom passed away this morning. I am flying out to Delaware next Thursday for the Granogue race weekend and I’ll be staying longer to figure everything out. yeah. Thats where I’m at.

On the plane home:

Gloucester Massachusetts was beautiful. If you have never been, I suggest you go. It is not the Grand Canyon or even as sweet as Mount Hood but on a perfect summer weekend, the picturesque New England fishing village teeming with heritage, an epic rocky coastline and beautiful classic homes made me want to stay longer. […]

Keep your eyes on Doug racing down under:

Local badass Doug Ollerenshaw is racing in the Jayco Suntour right now. If you thought road racing was over for the season, think again. Serious, wish him luck!

USGP #2 - 19th place, redemption!

Damn, that was the hardest racing I have ever done. I can’t wait till the weather gets crummier. These dry superfast races are so damn hard. Well, I finally had a good race. That is a load off the shoulders. I got all agressive at the start and did not care who I had to […]

Well, that went poorly.

All the UCI points and sweet start position for naught, a first lap crash found my bike and I buried under other riders. I ended up running to the pits and finishing up the race on the B bike with a borrowed rear wheel. I went from the 20′s to the 50′s fairly fast after […]

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