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Sitting in the airport with…

…team Clif Bar, Jon Verheul and Stu Thorne. We are all pretty zonked out, it was a long weekend. I got 22nd today. (17 bucks!) Finishing was a small victory in itself. The ribs were popping and creaking when I would take deep breaths. And I took a few… Sick!! I got caught by a […]

Give me a break!

Hit the deck really hard with a few laps to go at the USGP #1. Was having a good ride, chasing top 15 and I lost my front wheel on some pavement. Tried to get back on the bike but could not breathe with out pain. Dan Werle dragged me off the course… Thanks Dan! […]

I'll let you in on a PRO tip:

This is how PROs start their mornings before a big race. 9am - Wake up and put your kit on right out of bed. Get on the bike and do a 45 minute spin. piano. (44 minutes if it is raining) 9:45 - Come back home and start the coffee. 10am - Stretch. (still in […]


Joa and I made the 11 hour drive in… 11 hours. No where near as hard as the 9 hour drive out to Delaware. Hanging out at Tim, Janet and Clayton’s house in Louisville. (lew vil) Whats this? Oh… Where you going robot? “What do you expect, Mother? I’m half machine! I’M A MONSTER!” The […]

A friend of mine passed away in a collision with a truck yesterday morning. Brett had the skinniest fucking roadie ankles in Portland. He was one of the old school Veloshop racers and helped my shop out when I was just getting started. He has dropped me on more climbs than I care to remember. […]

This is when I say…

…fuck! I’ve got a flat. Go around me.

Bring the pain.

I think Reechard says it best: “the reason I sucked today is because it was a kermesse through a forest” No legs! 19th place today. Parbo joined me in the suck fest at 17th place. I am happy at least I finished, I rode as fast as I could and did a clean race. No […]

Flat out!

“Facking hell!” Flatted out of the Granogue race today. The first tyre went flat on the first lap “prologue” loop. Or I should say, I flatted it on a rock. I did however, baby it to the pit, get the spare bike and proceed to flat that somewhere in the next lap. No more bikes […]

My Danish boyfriend.

This guy is hilarious. Yes, he is constantly dancing around like a 12 year old. That shit is right up my alley. Serious but, not serious at the same time. Some shots from Mitch and Kate’s house: I was not joking, it is super euro. Nothing better than coffee and internet. I spend a lot […]

Pardon the dust.

Working on updating the site. Pardon the clutter for a bit.

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