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Green man.

- The preparations never cease. I’m up to my ears in email. - Green man drove the scooter for me today and added the appropriate inspiration for me to chase. No that it helped. I did got to rock my new shoe covers! I am currently on this sweet 2009 Veloforma R7 carbon fibre racing […]

Astoria! Let's race cyclocross, drink gin and wear funny outfits.

The funniest thing about everyone wearing costumes is that we pretty much wear goofy costumes every time we ride our bikes anyways. Sager’s photos are pretty good. Take a look. There was a team Vanilla - Gentle Lovers TRON theme. Which was amazing, and hats off to Mahoney and the GL crew for putting together […]

forgot about this spot on a podcast:

Bike Throw podcast. ten minutes in.

Finally back at racing!

I started the Cross Crusade in Ranier yesterday. While not a glorious return, I played damage control. I’ve got no game right now. It felt so nice to be on the bike again.


Sven is down and out! Apparently Bart complained that he lost the sprint because he could not get his hands in a proper position to shift. Go figure.

Selling my Vanilla team cyclocross frame

I must sell my Vanilla team cyclocross frame set. Should I put the damn thing up on Ebay? Before you start sending me emails, I’ll be posting photos on my website shortly. (that probably means tomorrow) I will tell you that is has 2 seasons of race and race travel on it. The paint is […]

Gaining momentum:

Did 4 hours with Brian Vernor this morning. Got home and found Jon Page on the podium this afternoon in Belgium! Go Jonathan! — My wounds are healing up alright. Been riding again the last few days. At least I am not as bad off as this guy. — I’m getting off the antibiotics tomorrow! […]

FMB tyre stock:

People have asked, here is the current list of available FMB cyclocross tyres at the Veloshop: Price in USD: Sprint FRENCH NATIONAL COLORS! 32mm 2 @ 130 Sprint DARK BLUE COTON 32mm 4 @ 130 Sprint cotton 34mm 3 @ 120 Sprint cotton 32mm 1 @ 120 SSC WORLD CUP SILK! 32mm 2 @ 300/PAIR […]

But mom…

My mom passed away 2 years ago around this time of year. I’ve been thinking about her a lot. “I’m no longer Christopher… I’m Bodie Lee, Photon warrior.” Genius.

On the mend.

Like a phoenix from the ashes. I’m coming around. — Check out this nastyness, the swelling has gone down soooo much. — Thanks for all the comments and emails. Even the doctors agreed, I had it bad. Blame it on stress, travel and shaving your legs. Total fluke infection but, my immune system was stressed […]

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