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Re: Embrocation choices

I figure I should chime in on this one. There is an email thread on the OBRA mailing list that I caught this morning: On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 2:56 PMI am confused about why anyone would want to use embrocation? Why not just wear tights or leg/knee warmers? Your legs would actually be […]

Heavy day today. (ahem, last Saturday)

(I need to post these a little more timely.) Whoa. Feeling super emotional today! And, fittingly the Portland weather obliges. Rain, grey and rain. I am also completely freaked out about the trip to Japan. Wrapping up the details, making it through the UEF open house, getting the work schedule dialed, paying the bills and […]

mid CX season. PBS open house! Japan bound!

I think…… I think I am taking the weekend OFF! I’m 4th in the Cross Crusade overall standings but, I think I need to skip it tomorrow to prepare for the trip to Japan. Check out the photo! I’m just cracking up on the first lap! The open house last night was off the hook! […]

racing and culture DUMP.

yeah yeah yeah, I’ve been having a rough go of it this season. Not looking for “poor molly!” sympathy but, if anything looking to vent and turn my scene around. The 2 most common phrases out of my mouth are “I’m so fucking tired.” and “I’m so fucking busy.” So, the insanity is not new […]

Los Angeles - San Dimas day #2

Oh man. Bad luck continues. Got taken out of the lead group early in the race when someone crashed in front of me. Argh. Chased hard but, lost so many spots getting back on the bike… Not stoked on 14th place today. Really not. - - - Looking forward to getting home and trying to […]

Los Angeles - UCI race weekend!

YO check out this video: - Quick update here. I am down in Los Angeles chasing UCI points. A couple small races, put on by Dot Wong (long time CX racer) in San Dimas. I am staying with Jeff and Cara but, they are doing the 508 over the weekend so, I have the house […]

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