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It's a cold world out there.

The weather has really taken it out of me this week. I have had NO motivation. I like this time of year, spending late hours in the shop building wheels, cleaning the shop up and what not, though it becomes really difficult to get out and ride. Did a couple hours this morning with Brian […]

USGP #6 last Sunday, mountain bikes, today.

Busy, busy week. This is the first second I have had to get around to updating my journal. Got a whopping $1500 city tax bill in the mail yesterday. Ouch! That was the “Molly git yer ass focused back on running the Veloshop and less about the bike racing” slap in the face. I have […]

USGP #5 last Saturday…

This past weekend saw my ladyfriend (Pete) and I flying down to the San Francisco bay area for the final 2 races of the USGP of cyclocross! It is Monday around noon and we are sitting in the Oakland Airport waiting for our flight home. It is funny jet setting around like this. Answering sponsorship […]

Campagnolo, sarcasm, San Francisco.

Spent the day getting parking tickets, packing my bikes up and taking them to Fed Ex to ship down to Oakland for the USGP of cyclocross finals. Keely and I juggled the shop duties and eventually drove out to the Airport Holiday Inn for a Campagnolo tech seminar. A couple of hours later we are […]

Gravel pit. Felt like shit.

Another week ticks off. Another cross race finished. Middle of this week one of my Veloshop riders John Dorfer took a spill in the park and was out for a couple minutes. Ended up in the hospital for a couple days with a broken back! Quick action by JV and Patrick of Veloshop got John […]

Freezing weather, frozen heart.

Damn. Overslept again. Been meaning to do these 2-3 hour rides the last few days and cannot get myself into the spandex in the morning. The Veloshop is crazy busy like usual. Building up cross tubulars, ordering tons of product for the kids. Cyclocross fever is still in full swing. If I had to summarize: […]

Eugene cyclocross #3

A quick race report. Muck. Snotty, mucky mud. I drove down to Eugene Sunday morning after getting a few hours of sleep (loud upstairs neighbor). Mike Hilbrant, Beth Chase and Brian and I arrived with plenty of time to check out the course, practice and fake like we were warming up in the rain. Our […]

Back in raintown.

I am SO glad to be home. The trip to the east coast was amazing. I got to experience some different and challenging racing. There is a LOT of room to improve and get faster but, I achieved my first little goal of a top 20 UCI finish. The top 15 is going to be […]

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