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Snow, sick, skip: Kansas city.

I cancelled the UCI Kansas City flight this weekend on the advice of my coach. “You probably should not travel and rest this weekend if you are still sick.” “um. no?” “Look, you want to be healthy for nationals and Belgium.” “oh yeah. um, ok.” It snowed today downtown. Not crazy Boston snow but, enough […]

USGP finals. F'ing sick, again.

I’ve had a bunch of bad luck, bad timing and bad legs so far this cx season. 25th place last Saturday at my first race back since being sick for the last couple weeks. I drove up to Puyallup and stayed with my dad’s family (including my 2 little half brothers, exciting!) on Friday evening. […]

Bring the mud.

Soon I’ll be able to out ride Horner.


Just barely. I never want to race at altitude again. Or get a cold. I’ve been laid up (is that the expression?) all week! My USGP weekend in Colorado was total crap. The altitude was killing me and it has been suggested that I was already fighting the killer cold that has kept me in […]

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