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There is a lot of bullshit on my ipod.

On a roll again. The healing is going ok. Taking forever but that is the deal I guess. Pete, and SamK cooked up a huge Dinner last Thursday for an intimate group of friends. It was swell. I went down to Eugene and won the Fox hollow cx race last Saturday. Then I did another […]

Seriously pro.

These guys are seriously pro… Emailed some promoters in Europe and have been getting start contracts already! Hell yeah. Heard back from the Superprestige promoter in Diegem and I’m all set there. That is pretty much my favorite cx race. Imagine racing through city streets and trails, up and down this big hill and through […]

But that is all beside the point…

I’ve been on the bike a little more this week. It has been uncomfortable but, I’m on the mend. Here is a photo Don from Challenge USA sent of me on day two of the Louisville USGP. ouch. - In other news, I spent a sweet afternoon at the ocean with Brian, DawnRiddle and Brian’s […]

I'll build you a hand.

I had no idea there was an Oregon handbuilt bicycle show last Sunday. Weird. I even had the flyer in the front window of my shop. I thought it was for the NAHBS handbuilt bicycle show in February! You would think that the organizers would have considered another date with the schedule conflict. (cyclocross and […]

You don't have to be fast to motorpace.

As proven the other morning… I’m slowly healing. The ribs… there is just nothing you can do for them. I stopped popping ibuprofen like candy, it was tearing my guts to pieces. I’m not racing this weekend and I am trying to cancel my non-refundable flight to NJ for the next round of the USGP. […]

Its official! 6-8 weeks!

Ouch. I am looking at a several week recovery! Awesome! Friends, sorry I have been off the radar this last week. I have been frantically trying to deal with this injury and keep my chin up. Been in and out of work. I cannot do much beyond stand or lay around. No racing for me […]

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