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Since no one else is writing about it:

Barry Wicks takes second place in Japan! November 24, 2008, 9:11 am 結果速報 C1 マイアミ2008-2009 優勝した辻浦選手(チームブリヂストン・アンカー) バリー・ウィックス選手(kona) 小坂選手(スワコレーシングチーム) C1の表彰です。 選手の皆さん、お疲れ様でした。 1 辻浦 圭一  チームブリヂストン・アンカー 0:59:28 100%  2 Barry Wicks Van Dessel  +0:26 99%  3 小坂 正則  スワコレーシングチーム +1:14 98%  4 Adam McGrath kona    +2:12 96% 5 丸山 厚   スワコレーシングチーム +2:36 96%

Society of the Spectacle.

When I travel for cyclocross racing outside of Portland, Oregon I encounter a scene far different than the one I call home. It is always very cool to see what other cities and territories in North America (and beyond) have going on with their cycling culture. Something amazing to me has been the punk (post-postpunk?) […]

Kevin Hulick - Oregon state champion.

Like a true beaver: Steven HATES it when I talk like this:

Superstar Cyclocross seminar in Portland:

Elite Athletics World.com and Schlamm Clothing present: the 1st Annual SUPERSTAR CYCLOCROSS SEMINAR. Saturday December 6th 7 - 10 p.m. Entry is $21.00 through BIKEREG.COM and at the door. Location: VFW Hall #907 825 SE Mills Ave Portland Oregon (on 9th between Division and Hawthorne) The event will be a panel discussion, question and answer […]

Oregon state cyclocross championship.

My team was pretty stellar today. For my part, I had horrible legs today. I could tell when I went to bed last night, fighting a cold or just being tired from the big week of training. And this morning I did not have my head in the game. I half thought about not starting. […]

whoa! Sooooo busy!

I don’t have a second to take a breath. I know, I know… you must think I am living the PRO lifestyle. Lounging by the pool, shooting rounds of golf. Not so. Loads of email, planning and organizing. Negotiating, purchasing and balancing. - More Toronto photos. I need to write up a brief report on […]

Oh Canada.

I’m such an idiot. I don’t know how but, I got it in my head that my flight home was at 5:30pm. Nope, it was 5pm. I missed check in by 5 minutes. I write you now from my sweet expensive hotel in beautiful Buffalo, New York. - A recap. I flew to Toronto, Canada […]


This guy is my trainer. There, I said it. Cats out of the bag. Love him or hate him, he has done a great job of pushing me hard to perform as mediocre as ever! Now that you all know, you should feel free to heckle me for having a coach and 3 power meters […]

My black president.

In the late nineties I was introduced to this man: While you were asleep… I was in this band: My bandmate Mike introduced me to Fela while we were on tour in 1999. That was also the summer I went vegan. If I remember correctly, I started racing bikes in 1999 too. At Heller Velodrome, […]

Par for the f'ing course.

Geez! Flatted out of the race with 1 lap to go last Sunday (the foreign tubulars, they are not cheap eh?). Just past the pits on an 8 minute long lap. Game over. As I said, par for the course for me this season. I swear, if I can just actually finish a bike race […]

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