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Superprestige Diegem

A quick update: I got 40th place today at the Superprestige race in Diegem. After getting stuck behind EVERY crash in the first lap. I rode a clean race and stuck it to the little group I rode with for the last few laps. Full results are up at cyclocross.info. No broken equipment, no flats, […]

Holy World cup!

Drove out to the Hofstade world cup a couple days ago with Verge to heckle the FBUK British girls and Parbo. Finally had a day to play euro tourist super fan. Bought a bunch of touristy crap, snapped a bunch of photos. I fully intended to write a big update on my site. Instead, I […]

I got my Azencrossed…

…today at the GVA race in Loenhout. Here I am at the back, I got the biggest number, it does not mean anything. Photos and video do not do the course justice; it was fucking brutal! A typically long road start diving directly into a sloggy, muddy course. I had a good start. Elbows and […]

Matt Hall:

A day off to fight a cold. Xmas day.

Ugh. Sounds like most of the cx camp is sick and I’m certainly fighting something too. Went on a sweet ride with Joachim Parbo. All around Tielt, Tiennen area—> I picked up Ryan Verge from the airport pretty early. He has been busy re building my bikes. After nationals and the last 2 Belgian races, […]

Xmas eve - xmas day:

Here are some shots of the Eerde-Veghel race in the Netherlands. Afterwards, as I was undressing, a bunch of older Belgian guys crowded around me and wanted to get some of my fan cards. I had the tiny little pictures cards I got made and handed a few to each of them. They were pretty […]

Eerde-Veghel C2

I’m getting ready to head out for a ride with Parbo. It is still cold, and grey. I picked up Ryan from the airport early this morning. Here are the official results: Internationale Cyclocross Veghel-Eerde Click on Uitslagen: Elite/Beloften The course was awesome! Hard packed sand, pretty short laps, mostly single track. Though it is […]

I was introduced to Sven Nys today:

By someone from Qoleum before I went to warm up. He was methodically checking his saddle height. He said hey, asked if I was staying through worlds. Wachtebeke: a pretty small C2 cx race north of Gent. I’ve got to make this short as I need to make some more dinner and food for tomorrow […]

I was dreaming…

…yesterday morning when I heard a faint “hello? you coming?” from downstairs! I totally overslept and hopped right onto my bike (again) for the big group ride. I ended up in the front group by myself, nothing too exciting, lots of older Belgian men. Ex pros, grizzled 60 year olds. We passed by Sven Nys […]

The Begijnendijk ride:

Not an hour off of the plane, Jos cons me into meeting up for the big group ride around Aarschot. It was 60+ people riding 2 abreast and in two groups (the 2nd group a minute back). I rode out to the start of the ride with Helen Wyman and Gabby Day. They raced the […]

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