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No luck! Super Prestige Diegem!

Diegem. I love this course. I was smiles the entire time, it is just so much fun to ride. Yes, I have zero fitness and yes, I managed to get a flat tyre again! ugh! This time I rode the hell out of my flatted carbon rim, running in to the pit just in time […]

Leuven - Beauvechain - Leuven

I felt like hell yesterday and the Danish national champ forced me out of our apartment and on to the bike. We rode south of Leuven and explored some fietsroutes and trails through the forest (“bos” en Vlaams). Just south of Leuven about 10k we cross in to the Wallonne region of Belgium. The towns […]


Ugh. Parbo and I drove to Torhout (near Brugge) yesterday to race and on the way there I started feeling really sick. It passed and then we took forever getting to Torhout and it was clear I was not going to be able to race. Got to watch Klaus Vantornout demolish the field and then […]

Hofstade World Cup!

ugh! quick update: I flatted about 4 laps into the race at the furthest point away from the pits and by the time I was done with my little 10 minute jog, the lead riders came through. Once I got my spare bike I chased and pulled at the finish line. Not stoked. The fans […]

7am en het Namsestraat.

And the town is quiet. Everyone is taking the long holiday week and I was up before my alarm. It has warmed up enough that I did not have to wear the heavy gloves but there is still ice on the ground. Just needed to share the radness of riding across town on empty cobbled […]

het Scheldecross.

So I arrived in Amsterdam and waited around for 3 hours for my luggage at the airport. I did stair running intervals, drank coffee. Got bored and ate dark chocolate truffles till I got sick. Tried to flirt with security personnel. Went out side for as long as I could handle, came back in. Walked […]

Let's fly to Europe.

Where to start? My flight to Amsterdam was F U C K E D. After racing Nationals in KC I dropped AndyWilson off at the airport and then sat around for a few hours before my flight to Chicago. Chicago airport was nuts! My flight was delayed and I had to do the baggage shuffle. […]

An hour in hell!

Not talking about my flight. That was a little more than an hour. Check out this Oregon cyclocross documentary! Thanks Eric!

"twenty five! twenty five!"

I managed to stay on my bike and barely on the same lap yesterday. The race was pretty rough, as you will read on the cyclingnews sites. Talk about drifting! Never hit the deck but I was hanging that leg out in the corners like a maniac! My heart goes out to the injured riders. […]

Off the back!

Ouch. Must turn no legs in to some legs for the big race this afternoon. Taking the racing so hard the last couple months. I have not had a race since I crashed that I have felt “fresh” at. I’m still riding pretty fast but, the legs feel heavy the entire time. It is messing […]

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