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Middelkerke report + photo dump!

I finished in front of Unai Yus yesterday. Not a huge accomplishment in itself. But, Unai Yus has been at the back of many a PRO cx race for many, many a year. Is this my fate? A decade of trying not to get doubled? Middelkerke was more of what is becoming the same here. […]

Made it on the front page.

Of a Belgian photo site. I fell on those guys and they thought it was the funniest shit ever. Picked up Jeremy Dunn today in Aarschot. Went on a spin, made some food, getting ready for Middelkerke tomorrow. Watched as Bart Aernouts crashed Jon Page out in Diegem tonight. Man, JP cannot get a break. […]

Last minute supporters cards!

Pieter pulled through and got these supporters cards whipped up for me with only a few days notice. Thanks Pieter, if you are in Belgium and looking to get your supporters cards made shoot him an email. Not so detailed (no sponsor images, etc.) and single sided. He did a kick ass job working with […]

Oh Jonathan, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

Jonathan Page’s wife Cori posts a good one. - The other Jonathan (the one who socked my coach in the head) started Zolder on a borrowed bike. Which was only slightly more embarrassing than my ride yesterday. I don’t think he made it a full lap. I was friendly to him at the race though […]


Highs and lows. Raced a local cyclocross today in Ham! It was pretty rad. The categories were 40+ and 40-. We started the 40- category. Like driving down to Eugene and racing with a couple dozen other riders. We paid our 3 euros, and took lap after lap of the singletrack heavy course. My pals […]

hott furdamma.

Now mumble it and give it a throaty belgie sluuur. It gets said a lot around this house. It translates roughly to: “godammit!” - I’m not so discouraged by the race yesterday. More… surprised? I really was bad out there. I mean… bad. Worse than the results show. And the results show me in DFL. […]

Post Nommay - Pre Zolder: photo dump

I’ve added like 20 videos and a bunch of crap from the road trip to Nommay to my Flickr account.

Back in Herselt. Pre - xmas, pre - Zolder?

So, I’m still waiting to hear if I can race the Zolder World cup this Friday. It is all of 20k away from where I am staying and it would be amazing to start. - The pope is saying some ridiculous shit. People are outraged. We did a small ride today and ended the evening […]

photo dump:

On my flickr account.

Scheldecross - Euro race #1

Lots of big guns at the race today. Boom, Thijs Al, Gronendaal, Klass Vantournout. There were 3+ beach-sand sections, with 90 degree turns in all of them. (fuck yeah!) I was going 1/2 and 1/2. I would f’ing clean them one lap like a tru euro PRO and then I would ride so poorly the […]

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