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The first Belgie update of 08/09:

Jumpen. I mean seriously, it is like the USA is 10 years behind Belgium. This is some serious shit, and clearly the reason the Euros are faster at cyclocross.

Cyclocross nationals race report:

It was amateur hour over here: Wore my Assos winter gloves at the start, my hands froze 2 laps in, and I had to pit for some warmer ones. That was the end of my race. STOEMERIK!! On a related note: I’m proud of the Vanilla team. Kevin Hulick had a dead last start and […]

Kansas city, day 2. USA Cyclocross nationals.

Been here in the windy mid-west for a full day. Saw lots of familiar faces. Lots of super fast masters racers. Today, got to see Mo B Roy crushing it in her race! The course is F A S T. It is also windy as shit and our deep EDGE wheels were quite the handful […]

I won a cyclocross race on Television!

TV coverage of the Eugene Psychocross series last month. Chris Brandt, Brett Luelling, Sall Collura and I get interviewed. You can watch the footage here.

USGP #6 Portland - finals

I’ve got photos and gossip from the race and the weekend but, I am hustling trying to get everything together to head over to the motherland (or modderland) so, I’ll have to postpone it till I have some free time. I was racing tired yesterday. And after a few mishaps and a 10 foot long […]

USGP #5 Portland

Was having a decent race till my saddle broke! Here is a a photo of me killing it. Here is a photo of me fat like Jan Ullrich. Tonkin was sick and yet still doing his usual “pull everyone around the race course”. Adam Mcgrath was with us and we caught an obviously tired Barry […]

FOR SALE: SRM Professional Dura Ace crankset

Put it up on Ebay, it got no interest locally. The link is here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200283070486 Help send a poor bike racer to Belgium to get clobbered by the Euros. Thanks!