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Come on… seriously?

I went out for a spin on the road bike with friends yesterday and got taken down by fluke accident. A branch or rock, something, got caught up in my front fender on the road bike while riding at speed. Wrapped the fender into the wheel and locked it up. This sent me right over […]

I am full of furious anger! (aka: crash. move on.)

I’ll preface this by saying, I had decided earlier this morning not to write anything about getting crashed out. There are plenty of other cx races to do. And plenty of other opportunities to bump elbows and have Reeb put me into the course tape. An hour ago, I got an email from a spectator […]

It just doesn’t matter.

A month into it already and the Oregon cyclocross season steps up another notch this weekend with a first year race in Canby on Saturday and the first Cross Crusade race at Alpenrose Velodrome on Sunday. Alpenrose is guaranteed to be a complete cluster fuck. And you know what? It just doesn’t matter. For me […]

Staying relevant.

I flew out to Wisconsin last week to race the USGP of Cyclocross opening weekend. And I got trounced. A few more weeks of racing into shape I think. A few more weeks of utter hurt. Been a long time since I’ve ridden so poorly in the mud. sad face. Ryan was dominant on Saturday […]

dolla dolla billz yall.

(wrote earlier last week) Just got done with a solid week/long weekend of racing. Read: hanging on for dear life! I’m getting beat up out there! Hard not to let it get to you that you are riding with zero form, rough technique and mediocre leg speed. This is what racing into shape feels like […]

Lazer Vision Eyewear preview!

You may get to see this at Interbike! And, if you are not going to Interbike check it out, my rep brought by a bunch of Lazer Vision eyewear. It is good looking gear. Some single lens styles and a few exchangeable lens styles. And, thankfully my personal favorite: BALLER WHITE WITH CLEAR LENSES. Cause […]

Zanconato custom cyclocross chainrings.

These just landed. They are beautiful. I’ll write more once I get them installed onto my cyclocross bike. Custom made, custom machined and designed. So much attention to detail. To fit Campagnolo CT, Campagnolo ST, 110 mm, and 130 mm Bolt Cirlces! Available combinations: Campagnolo CT - 36/42, 36/44, 38/44, 38/ 46 Campagnolo ST - […]

Raced a bike for the first time in months last weekend!

And it went about as well as I expected. I had one speed. Kinda fast but, not particularly very, very fast. Last week I wrapped up my final big block of training miles for cx season. And this week was a “rest” week. Putting that in quotes cause I did very little resting. c’est la […]

Put it on, it works fine. You shift with your brain.

Jesus. Can Parlee do no wrong? Dropping amazing bomb after amazing bomb! This is completely unreal. Yet, it is very, very real. I’ve been riding Shimano Di2 for 3 years. It is flawless and proven. Wins races, gets power washed daily, crashed, beaten up and ridden into the ground. Still works perfectly. I don’t have […]

Cyclocross crushing out. So much love for cyclocross.

Let’s start with this: a March (yes, MARCH!) cyclocross race near Tokyo. I have no idea what is going on, if it is a small training race series or if it is a school race. Any of my Japanese pals want to comment and let me know? Seriously, the Keirin school style helmet covers and […]