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You did'nt know I was 30?

Ha! I’ll make it short. I got 4th place today in the 30-34 US national cyclocross champs. I’m disappointed I did not win but, I am stoked that I got on the podium and got a medal. Michael, Hulick and I started in about 70th position near the back of the race so, it was […]

Tielt winge!

Found a link to the house I am staying at. I tried to con Brian Vernor into coming over to Belgium with me and he finally got his ticket! He is heading over to stay with Joachim Parbo (Danish national champ) and he did not know the name of the town he was staying at. […]

What did I tell you?

Legs ARE coming around. True to my word, I improved on my result yesterday! I feel like such a super pro bike racer. Sleeping late, getting chauffeured to my races, handing off my jacket at the start line… Awesome. Not much to report from Nathan’s house here in Providence. I raced the Caster’s GP today […]

Freaking out!

A delayed update and new race report! I’m totally freaking out about the trip (that I am now on, no turning back). I crammed all these wheels into my bike box and now it weighs 79 pounds. When Pete dropped me off yesterday morning; the woman at the check in counter informed me that it […]

Getting ready + back to training:

Rode out to the Portland Racing - Veloshop Kruger’s farm cx race yesterday with Brian Ellin and Sacha White. I’ve spent the better part of last week trying to sneak in quality training, beat my cold/allergies and spend time with Pete, between working and getting everything ready to go. The night before the cx race […]