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Fake pro.

Because if I was a real pro, I would have gone with Barry and Parbo and at least taken 3rd place. You can barely see in the video I had a mishap at the start and chased for a couple laps back into the lead group. Parbo and I had a killer weekend. 2nd place […]

Bio Wheels quickie race report:

Finishing up dinner here at Mitch’s house: balsamic drenched fruit served with lemon sorbet + baked focaccia and cool pasta salad with veggies. Biowheels went well today. I had a little mishap at the start but recovered well to get into the 8 person group racing for 3rd behind Barry and Joa. I made a […]

Oh hi yo!

Parbo and I regrouped in Louisville (thanks Drew!) after I flew in Friday evening. Quickly unpacking and building up my bikes, we sped our way straight up to Cincinnati to Mitch and Kate’s house. Arriving around midnight (I was on a training ride at 6am the same morning.) We hit the hay and slept hard. […]

Packing for Ohio.

Shit is frantic around here. The Vanilla workshop churned out my SpeedVagen race bikes late last night and I hung out there and got one all built up and went on a ride this morning. You are jealous. Off to Ohio, Delaware, and the USGP 1+2. Road tripping with Joa. One thing I will get […]

If Molly is in front of Decker he must be going slow…

And then this fucking guy wipes his hands clean of me. “I don’t know. Don’t ask me what happened. Just hubs. I just do the hubs.”

I remember the press conference…

…she held the day before one of the Olympic events and said that she was not going to contest it. And I said to myself, she is doping. She does not want to get caught.

Stop being so serious…

Seriously. The photo of Ian Brown biting the American Classic guy’s finger off is priceless. Ian and I were in rare form that evening. Let it be known that I blew all $41.00 I made in CXVegas on a “roomservice” pizza. It tasted as bad as that race felt. Thanks to Gewilli for the following […]