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Too damn busy…

I like Mark McCormack. He is classy, he races cross and, can win a road sprint. I rode my new mountain bike for 12 hours yesterday. Started out riding through Hillsboro and Forest Grove towards Gale’s creek then turned left onto some power lines and rode what we could of the brutal access road. It […]

Reheers race report. Tragedy.

My mom’s sister passed away early this week. She was in a fatal car accident on her way pick my mom up for a doctors appointment. We were not too close, I have not spoken to her in a few years. Barbara, she looked so much like my mom. I’d really like to fly out […]

My first masters race.

Ok. I did it. It was almost scarier than actually turning 30. I entered my first masters age group race. While technically not 30 years old yet, it says 30 on my racing license and I took advantage of that to enter the Monday night masters race at PIR. I got spanked by some old […]

Chainbreaker race report!

Brian Ellin and I rented a car Saturday afternoon and floored it to Bend, Oregon for the Chainbreaker mountain bike race last Sunday. Long story short, I rode from our hotel out to the race course and got a little lost, I did however get a great 1.5 hour warm up and then barely made […]

Too tall.

Sweet podium Barry.

Total suck.

I entered the Bear Springs XC today feeling upbeat! I was excited to start racing again. I started off well, heading into the first single track section in 4th position. Got through a few potential bottleneck sections (the “run-up” and, the “fallen bushes”) where I wanted to be ahead of the mayhem and I tried […]

Hell yeah.

No “rockin’ the baby” here.

Hiz-ustle and fliz-owe.

Keeping tabs on the Cycling news live Tour de Georgia coverage: “13:01 EDT 90.9km/100.5km to go Ollerenshaw has also attacked the break and is currently between the three leaders and the rest of the break. The leading riders have 4’35″ on the field.” holla! Ate dinner last night with Tony Kic, the Miller kid, Brian […]

Hustle and flow.

Organic athlete. Thats me…