12 hours of Wilamette pass:

After getting trounced by Santiam cycles (Evan Plews, teammate) and, the Bike Gallery team (Matt Slaven, Brian Wilson.) in the 2 person elite category, I am back in Portland enjoying a soy mocha. All quiet in the shop, it is Labor day. Hopefully it will stay quiet in here and, I’ll be able to get my Vanilla cross bike rolling today with some parts I have laying around so I can get down to training.

I feel really good. Nice and tired. My butt hurts, my wrist is sore. We had a great weekend. Veloshop (again) had the MOST number of teams and racers out there. Our 4 person ss team won, our 2 and 4 person ladies both took silver!

A funny thing about the race, I opted to start for my team (Cary Miller), woke up at 6am and got ready, went to the riders meeting and asked the promoter “how long to the start?”, “A few minutes.” Ha! Not one minute after I start peeling my jacket and shoes off he shouts GO! And off the race goes Le Mans style, up the hill, away from me. I just laughed and started running as fast as I could. The tactic was for me to lay it down on the first lap and get a clear gap and then keep ahead of everyone. I’m like 500m behind the entire race. Grab my bike, run past the tail end of the race and run, run, run up to some riders I recognise, find a gap in the clogged singletrack and hop on my bike just to have the rear wheel shift out of the dropout. I pedal for a second till it locks up and then I get off and block the trail for all the riders I just passed so I can futz with my rear wheel and get back to running past them all again. I made up the lost time and just tore the descent apart! I kept passing people and asking how many more in front. I got all the way up to 3rd when I came through the start area. Ha! The promoter apologised after I rolled in. The kicker is that the fastest lap of the race won a sweet Yakima rack. Sans mechanicals and errors, I think I would have qualified.

Or not.

I do have a bone to pick about the race. Planning on emailing the promoter about it but, I am pretty sure he does not read my site so… The race cost about $50-60 a person + the $15 late fee I had to throw down cause I am too busy to get my shit preregistered! I walked away with a medal and our ss winners walked away with clocks. I got to thinking about payout and race quality. There were only a handfull of elite level racers at this really great event. I am pretty sure no one walked away with cash. My thoughts are not totally together on this but, with such high entry fees, a REALLY long drive and expenses. At least the elite men and women should get some sort of cash prize. Shit, $40 would at least buy a couple of the winners dinner or fill the gas tank for the drive home. My teammates were all pumped about the raffle, a case of Red Bull, free Clif Bars etc. I appreciate the raffle aspect of mountain racing but, if elite riders knew they would have a chance to win a few bucks I think more of them would grace these small local races with thier presence and that would raise the bar of the competition and the quality of the races.

Yeah. That is why Veloshop is paying $500 to the elite men and women (equal payout) in the first race have I ever promoted! The racers that take thier racing really seriously should get a little help for thier effort. Keep them motivated and keep them involved in cycling.

End rant.

I did have a lot of fun. It was a good kick in the pants for cross. I’ve got to get fast. Cary is an awesome teammate and having a grip of friends there to heckle and support each other was invaluable. Oh, HUGE shout out to Brett Jarolomiek who was not even going to race and then decides at 6am to just do it solo. He did 10 laps (my 2 person team did 12) got 4th I think.

This is my roadie teammate that has not raced in months! Amazing.

I cannot get my rent money out of the bank due to the holiday but, I CAN put an Ipod on my bank card today and get it this week! Wait, I need cranks, bars, stems, and seatposts first. And, Brian (housemate, teammate, I’ll mention him alot) Ellin mentioned that MAC is releasing some Ipod-cellphone thing this Wednesday, I should wait and see if the others get cheaper, that $400 would cover my plane ticket to nationals. We did have the brilliant idea to get Apple to sponsor the team and set us up with matching pink Ipods.

Know anyone at Apple?


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  1. Whoa. I used to ride w/ Evan in McMinnville when I was growing up there. I doubt he’d remember me, but he was a hell of a nice guy. Good rider too (even better now, from the sounds of it).

    Posted by Matt | September 6, 2005, 9:49 pm
  2. You would be suprised who reads your blog. Randy here the promoter of the 12 Hours of Willamette Pass. 1st Thanks for bringing so many racers…Thanks for the kind words…just need to correct you. We did pay cash to the top solo and teams. Compared to Granny Gear or 24HOA that charge solo racers $200-$400 Willamette Pass is priced VERY fair. Hope to see you Aug 5-6, 2006 12/24 Hours of Willamette Pass.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 24, 2005, 10:27 am
  3. Good job.

    Posted by Kiu | August 6, 2006, 3:51 pm

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