Vanilla cyclocross bikes…

…are amazing. Truly. I still don’t have any components to get them built up so I dug around upstairs, pulled some trashy wheels out of the recycling and banged them back into shape and got the A bike running. Just in time to ride out to the cross practice at Alpenrose Velodrome (good job Craig Sinanian winning the madison last night! I would have been there but, I was busy moving!) hung out at the practice and then rode home in the dark through the Oregon Zoo. Kinda scary, I did not have any lights and was not sure if any of the gates across the road were open or closed.

Thursday morning was the Sellwood cross clinic. 3-4 sets of a fast cross course set up in the Sellwood park. Rode the Vanilla down there and practiced riding from the back and moving up during the race. I get antsy when I am not in the front, get real nervous when I cannot see the lead rider and what is going on in the front of the race. Good practice. My legs are sore. “Explosive!” (that is what I say in my head on run ups.) Be explosive. I must look hilarious, just killing myself on the run up, trying to get those legs to move faster than they ever have.

I had a pair of 10v Record levers and a 9v Dura ace drivetrain, slapped that on the bike. I know, blasphemy, mixing the two together. It is all I got! Works great, just wants to drop from the 3rd to the 1st cog instead of to the 2nd position. If I feather the lever is sticks right back into the 2nd. Maybe a wafer thin spacer will fix that.

Still waiting and still debating what grouppo I should run on my cross bikes. I am committed to Campy Record. Yet, two $300 derailleurs is excessive, for me (underfunded racer). I should spend that on flight and paying Kylee to cover the shop while I go get stomped on the East coast. Shimano 9v stuff is getting cheap right now too. I could snag a pair of STI’s and just go with the less expensive 9v stuff. That is what I am feeling. Though it is not going to stop me from shooting one more email to CampyUSA asking for help.

I am going to rant again. What is up with CampyUSA? I think I understand the business plan. Keep the product elite. Don’t hook ANYONE up, domestic talent, teams etc, no pro deals, employee purchases, no risky/potentially pointless sponsorships. That keeps the Campagnolo name and identity “boutique”. If you want it, you have to pay for it. And we ALL want it. There is this huge culture of Campy obsessed people, it has always been this far off dream of mine to actually own a full Campy Record group. A frustrating thing for me, being a tiny, tiny dealer is stocking and moving Campy product. I fill my cases with Campy and people scoff at the price. (“I can get it cheaper online.”) Then, if I want to stick it on my bikes, which will only help me sell more of it, I have to put down a grip of cash and don’t get any kind of discount or pat on the back. To be honest, if Campy just made a tiny effort, shit, a free tshirt or something, I would be more than willing to drop a ton of cash on Record parts, destroy them racing cross and praise Campy up and down as being the coolest company ever. I suspect they are victim to the dilemma most companies are: fed up with demanding and ungrateful racers, riders and dealers. Point being, I consider myself a great marketing opportunity, it is a shame they don’t jump at it. I already push Campy a ton for very little reward, most people do NOT buy thier Campy gear in my shop and I get no product support. It is somewhat of a deadend for me business wise. What sense does it make for me to stock a product that does not sell? Hmmm…

Now, I sit, nursing my legs. A soy mocha and snickerdoodle finished. Dreading the wheels I have to build today. Not really, I love the wheelbuilding. Love it. What was yesterday? A 10v ultegra front wheel for Mark W. A 9v ultegra rebuild for Steven H on a fucked rim, gotta rebuild it today…

Ouch, got to run too. Been working on the computer for far too long!


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  1. this is silly but the cross practise here in san diego is also at the velodrome and guess what i ride past to get home? san diego zoo!

    Posted by will | September 24, 2005, 11:36 pm
  2. Niels Albert is the best cyclocrosser of the moment. I saw him ride in Overijse last weekend!

    Posted by Didier de Kunst | December 15, 2009, 4:19 pm

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