Yesterday was the “I have an intense personality and I am going to try and ruin your day” day. I was in high spirits all day and had to deal with too many customers! Too many! The guy who got up in Keely’s face while she was building a wheel, the guy who insisted on getting upset that I did not have the pursuit bars he wanted, the indecisive messenger bag girl with the “I feel guilty about not buying it from you, I gotta go.” complex. The customers who acts like I am screwing them over when I sell them a tube for $4. The customers who buy expensive shit, return it, want it back and return it again. Please, just make up your mind. I don’t care if you do or don’t want to buy it, just figure your shit out and come talk to me.

Actually, the catch is I DO care. As frustrating as many people can be, I take all the bike shop interactions very personally. I’m still thinking about the interactions that went to shit yesterday and what I can do next time around to not let people walk out the door unsatisfied. I have been a customer in shops for years before owning one and, I swore to never be “that” bike shop. The snobby, eliteist, hard to talk to, cooler than you shop. I’ve been getting better at being diplomatic and, forgiving in my business interactions. Not everyone knows a ton about bikes and it can be intimidating to try and figure the stuff out. I like to think I am the exception to most shops.

But not yesterday. Some days you just do not have the energy to wade through peoples bullshit. “You know what is one of the most annoying things for a mechanic? When the customer hovers over them working.” I calmly told an uber-annoying older guy yesterday. “I know, I’ve been a wrench for 30 years! Mt. Tam, racing, shops, old school, blah, blah, blah…” “Ok, then why are you still standing there?” I replied as I had to shoo him off, away from Keely. Shit! I don’t care! Show us some respect, and maybe we will humor your senile rambling.



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  1. “ok, then why aren’t you doing this yourself, jackass?” whoops, i mean “sorry, only employees are allowed in the mechanics’ area. insurance reasons.”

    Posted by chicken curry | September 13, 2005, 2:23 pm

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