29years, 29er wheels.

I finally bought an Ipod, used, for about $100 from some jerk. It is a piece of crap, has like a 1 hour battery life. Oh well, I’m going to sell it today and just buy a new one. There you go. I guess it is about $60 to get a new battery installed. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

I raced the local PIR training crit last night and snagged 3rd, again. Woke up this morning for a couple of hours on the Vanilla cross bike and had some shoe trouble. Sat around the Stumptown coffee shop on Belmont waiting for Brian to bring me some tools. 7am phone call: “Hey Brian, wake up, remember that ride we are supposed to be on? I’m on it, and I need you to bring me some tools! Get out of bed and come up here!” Now I forfeit the ride and head dowtown to the other Stumptown coffee for MORE coffee and a vegan muffin+cookie courtesy of Veganopolis and, I’m at the shop oogling some Exustar carbon fiber mountain bike shoes on the interweb.

Went home last night and showered, waited for a lady friend to stop by and accompany me to Jennifer and Tony Kic’s BBQ. We headed over there, stopping at VegeThai to get me some dinner and things were just kinda tense the whole time. I felt like I did something to piss her off in the ten minutes we had been hanging out. She said nothing was wrong but, when we hugged goodbye, we had this REALLY long hug, and I kissed her on the cheek, “You SURE there is nothing going on? You, ok?”, “Yeah, I’m fine.” But then she abrubtly left and we did not make out. We ALWAYS make out. Wierd. Well, she was late for a prior engagement.


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