Pulled my Achilles tendon at the Sellwood cyclocross practice this morning. Jamming up the runup. Getting a massage tonight from Molly Carlson in anticipation of the final road stage race of the year, the Eugene Celebration. The cross season is coming up so quickly, got to get all these race wheels built before our race in Hood River on the 24th!

Got a couple of cross sets in this morning before an aggro dog walking lady decided to declare our activities illegal and send her dog into the way of our little route. It is kinda tiring to go through this every year, “We HAVE talked to the city about this, we are allowed to use the park.” We cut practice short and I went home before running down to work.

Sold that Ipod! I was honest about it too, let them know the run time was pretty crappy, 2 hours at best. What do I get a new one engraved with?

Spent the night at my ladyfriend’s house. We had a talk. It went great. Now we are closer. Funny how that works. Often relationships get to this point where you can take stuff personally and think for a second that the other person is TRYING to hurt your feelings. When really, we just need to work on communicating.

I do not have ANY free time. The time I do have I fill up with training or recovering from training. (read: watching the shittiest movies you can imagine, Planet of the Apes series, Mean Girls, Best in show.) I am so particular about when I have to get to bed and eat etc. My life is pretty structured and dating someone takes a real effort to make it work. I let her know I was conscious about making time to spend with her. (Hangouts are typically on my terms. I have the big obligations.)

That meant shooting pool at Dot’s cafe last night and eating dinner together at like 11pm while watching a movie. It was sweet, though, I had the worst stomach ache while training this morning. Glad we only did 2 sets, I may have barfed on the third time around.


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