What happens in Eugene stays in Eugene, bro.

Rode the time trial of my life, catching my 30 second and 1 minute rider in the first few miles before getting off course and adding 10 minutes to my time… Ugh. Long story short, I really hurt myself in the TT and easily did a top 5 ride. The officials adjusted my time but, not (in my opinion) fairly. I got put behind the riders I caught on the results and then went into the crit that evening pretty frustrated. Had a mediocre crit, getting caught on the inside in the last corner. Local riders having an advantage as the road and crit courses are weekly training race routes. I abandoned the road race after 50 miles. It was kinda pouty of me. Lesson learned.

It IS my fault for taking a wrong turn but, I wish the course was a little better marked. It just kills your stage race to fuck up the TT so bad right off the mark and go from a potential top 10 to 5 minutes down and in 30th. Bad for the motivation.

Whatever, it is all training for cross at this point anyways. 40 minute TT, 60 minute crit, 2 hours of driving breaks in the road race.

Really excited to hear that Erik Tonkin got 10th at the mountain bike nationals XC. Amazing. I’ll get to put the hurt on him this Thursday. Ha!

This weekend felt like a big waste of money. I really just wanted to be home working on wheels at the shop. I will not have a single weekend off starting next weekend until mid-December after Nationals.

Oh, I did it! I bought a new freaking Ipod. Now my Ibook and Ipod and I can go on coffee dates all the time and scowl at my friends when they try to talk to me. “I’m working and listening to music! Piss off!”

I can’t wait.

More later, I gots to work.


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