SRAM, Vegans.

This is a quote from a distributors email:

“Last week’s “question du jour” was:

What product or products were the best of the show?
Overwhelmingly, you answered “Sram Road Group”
This was also my top choice, but I thought that the new saddles from Fizik with the new clip for attaching bags was extremely clever. Also noteworthy, was the fact that no one mentioned the new Shimano compact crankset coming out this winter.”

It is pretty apparent that there is alot of hype surrounding the SRAM road group! I’m pretty excited too. As the quote above suggests, SRAM is overshadowing Shimano and Campagnolo’s hype this year. (2006) From a techy perspective I hope it kicks them in the butt and makes them innovate. They have been chasing each other around for the last 15 years. My one hope is that the SRAM components are interchangeable with the other major manufacturers. I’d love to be able to spec out bikes with a mix of parts though, I doubt it will happen. Those companies want to see bikes with a complete brand spec.

A woman from Ashland came in today and we chatted about being vegan and stuff. That’s it. She works down there at the UBI bike school. She said it was nice to be in a business that she does not have to worry about buying animal products. That was cool, most people take the vegan aspect of my business for granted or want to be super critical about it.

I’m sitting at Veloshop typing away on a quiet Saturday afternoon. I’m pretty nervous about my trip to the East coast next week. I’m flying in to NYC on Wednesday afternoon and then driving right down to Delaware for the Granogue and Wissahikon UCI cross races. I’ve gotten rid of that cold but, not ridden my bike much for the last 2 weeks. I’m promoting our Veloshop cyclocross race tomorrow and going to try and race in that too. I have been so busy. The shop has been out of control for the last 6 months. It is hard juggling this giant responsibilty and my racing responsibilities. I am so fried after work it is hard to get my ass up at 6am and get on the bike to train. I remember reading something Jonathan Page wrote last season about forcing yourself to recover during the racing season. I keep that in the back of my mind all the time when I am freaking out about not training enough.

It is a little overwhelming, I’m leaving the bike shop in Keely’s fully capable hands, I’m going to stay with my mom in Delaware. She is a mess, going through a divorce and in and out of the hospital all the time. She is going to be a small handful to take care of and hang out with. She still lives with her ex husband. It does not seem super dramatic or chaotic but, I know it is going to be fully awkward and I’ll be out of my element, trying to scrape up some healthy food in Delaware and keep myself sane and focused on racing.

Well, it is getting late, I am going to lock up and ride out to Alpenrose Velodrome to get the OBRA truck, drive it out to the race venue and then ride back into town and snag some Thai food with Brian.


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  1. Hey! Is that you? I beleive this is cameron who I know, right? I was browsing around internet today, and look what I’ve found!YOu!!!!I can’t believe what you are doing right now? Hope you still remember me! your little Jap friend in Sf! ( I am now in Louisiana though!) e-mail me at
    You are still cute mother fu*ker!
    love you and miss you a lot! Miki

    Posted by miki | October 31, 2005, 2:50 pm

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